The Club is the dream of Ralph Gracie Blackbelt and MMA Veteran Darren Uyenoyama to provide the ideal training environment for both the martial arts enthusiast and the serious competitor. Darren has competed in grappling and mixed martial events throughout the world. He has also experienced training at a number of schools with various instructors with whom he maintains strong relationships until today. It is from these experiences that the philosophy and mission of FTCC was born.

Since its opening, the gym has helped many reach their fitness goals. The Club has also had a great degree of success in MMA, Muay Thai, and grappling competitions, and has steadily refined its approach. Currently the gym draws upon the expert knowledge of Darren Uyenoyama, BJJ Black Belt James Cotter, BJJ Brown Belt Kyle Rideau, BJJ Brown Belt Aaron Dudum, BJJ Purple Belt Christian Mitchell, Veteran Striking Trainer Rodney Mirasol, experienced Amateur Muay Thai Fighter Rocky Herrera, and Professional Muay Thai Fighter Diego Llamas.

If you are a casual martial artist, serious competitor, interested parent, or simply a person looking for a fun, intense workout with world-class instruction please stop by our gym or send us a message. We look forward to meeting you and hope that you share in our passion for fitness and martial arts.